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Tax Planning

Experience our tax planning professionals

We offer comprehensive tax planning consultations, and services for individuals, families, and businesses through our alliances with tax professionals specializing in tax planning strategies that help minimize taxes for clients over the course of their lifetimes.

Our approach
We all pay taxes on our earnings annually, however; those who simply use a tax preparer each year to prepare their tax returns versus those who use the services of strategic tax planning specialists have the potential to achieve different outcomes in how much they end up paying in taxes over the course of their lifetimes, and upon transferring wealth to beneficiaries.

Our affiliate strategic tax planning specialists in conjunction with our financial advisors offer the following:

  • Second opinion prior year tax reviews for individuals and businesses to see how their tax preparer is doing, and capitalize on potential missed savings
  • 1040 tax optimization reports to unlock potential tax savings
  • Personalized strategic tax planning to minimize annual and lifetime tax liabilities
  • Personalized strategic tax-advantaged wealth maximization and transfer strategies for legacy planning
  • Tax-advantaged retirement income planning strategy reports
  • Variable annuity loss analysis to capitalize on opportunity
  • Net-unrealized-appreciation (NUA) tax savings strategies for clients with company stock in company retirement plans rolling over to IRAs
  • Annual tax preparation and filing services for individuals and businesses

Experience counts
We form alliances only with the most highly trained and experienced tax professionals, who also have an extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and investments. Our financial planning professionals also have extensive knowledge of the tax code, and strategies that can create tax savings opportunities for clients. Working together, investment advisors and tax advisors help ensure that clients minimize tax liabilities during their lifetimes, and maximize client wealth for generations to come.