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Estate Planning

Use our estate planning attorneys

We offer comprehensive estate planning services for individuals, families, and businesses through our strategic alliances with attorneys specializing in estate planning and trusts.  The attorneys we work with have chosen to network with our financial professionals, who have extensive training in estate planning and trusts. This allows the attorneys to team up with financial advisors, to serve the advisor's clients.

Team approach       
The client's financial advisor is at the center of their financial planning, and is apprised of the client's financial holdings, as well as their financial goals, family dynamics, and legacy planning desires. Because of this key position, advisors are aware of estate planning needs their clients have, and can educate clients on trusts, and estate planning concepts.
Using the "team approach" the financial advisor works in conjunction with the attorney by gathering estate planning information from the client, and presenting it to the estate planning attorney. The attorney then reviews the information and contacts the client to go over the information gathered by the financial advisor and provide legal counsel on estate planning documents the client needs to achieve their estate planning goals. The client and attorney make decisions, after which documents such as trust, will, power of attorney are prepared and reviewed by the attorney, then forwarded to the financial advisor who delivers the documents to the client.

The financial advisor works with the client to properly implement trusts, and recommend that estate planning is updated and reviewed by the attorney as needed. This team approach is incredibly efficient and cost-effective.
Estate planning documents
The Estate Planning Source, acting as back office for more than 1,000 network attorneys throughout the United States, has finalized over 60,000 trusts which are detailed, comprehensive, and universally applicable in all 50 states. Every revocable living trust produced is a complete estate planning portfolio; custom drafted to fit the client's needs, and includes state specific ancillary documents. Trust documents have been developed and matured through over 27 years of hands-on improvements by network attorneys throughout the United States. This history has the potential to give clients peace of mind regarding the quality of their estate planning documents.